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Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Review

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Review

A professional quality vacuum cleaner is a major investment that will pay dividends in a clean, dust-free house. Right there in the sweet spot between high end residential vacuums and janitorial vacuums rests the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright, a vacuum that claims several unique features which position it above other vacuum cleaners.

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright boasts an advanced cyclonic technology that never loses suction by separating dirt from the air to prevent the clogging of its filters. The feature that gives the Lift-Away its name is the ability to disconnect this cleaning canister from the rest of the vacuum along with the hose in order to use it as a separate lightweight vacuum ideal for such situations such as stairs, hard to reach spaces, or even out in your car, as long as the cord can still reach. When attached and used normally, the vacuum can be swiveled on its flat base in order to steer around tight spaces. The Lift-Away also features a sealed HEPA filter system which sucks up a promised 99.9% allergens and dust from any surfaces it cleans, capturing them securely within the vacuum. This is a definite selling point for people with allergies or dust sensitivities.

Another major selling point of the Lift-Away is its simple and powerful hair removal system. This is particularly important for pet owners. Along with strong suction designed to clear a rug of any wayward pet hairs, this vacuum comes with an wide range of premium accessories designed with the pet owner in mind. Along with a hard floor attachment, a duster pad, and two crevice tools for hard to reach spaces, it comes packaged with a large turbo pet power brush designed to easily lift and suck up stubborn animal dander.

Despite all of these selling points, the Shark Navigator does come with several minor disadvantages. First of all, the floor brush bottom is quite small. While this does allow someone to easily reach into spaces that a larger floor brush couldn’t, it does increase the overall vacuuming time. Additionally, while the floor brush is very flexible and flat, the canister is quite large and it may be difficult to bend it down low enough to reach under chairs, tables, and other such furniture without using the hose and a different attachment. The vacuum cleaner is also be a bit top-heavy, so its important to remember not to pull strongly on it when using the hose and attachments.

Other than that, this vacuum cleaner really does offer what it advertises. Its suction is so strong that you will discover yourself having to replace the dust canister much more often because it actually cleans rugs and floors much more deeply than other vacuums. An interesting feature in a home-vacuum is the ability to adjust the suction of your machine. This will allow you to clean off smaller rugs without picking them up with the vacuum cleaner. Pet owners will be pleased to find that the turbo-brush works just as described on furniture, beds, and even car seats.

Equivalent models of vacuum cleaner cost up to four times as much from Dyson. With the guarantee of a HEPA sealed filter system and the bonus of a lift-away canister, the Shark Navigator is a vacuum for people who are serious about their cleaning and quality of life while not having to break the bank.

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