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DC25 Animal Ball Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

DC25 Animal Ball Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

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Dyson Dc 25 Animal Ball VacuumIf you are a pet owner, you will be very aware of the constant problem of hair and dander accumulating within your home.

Apart from being unhygienic, pet hair and dander can cause unwanted allergic reactions in either you or your family.

It’s important, therefore, to take care of this problem along with the usual chore of maintaining a tidy home through vacuuming.

Standard vacuum cleaners, unfortunately, aren’t usually up to the task of battling tough pet hair, or strong enough to fully remove hidden dander safely.

Introducing the DC25 Animal Ball Upright Vacuum Cleaner

To solve this problem, Dyson has introduced a line of vacuums in their ‘Animal’ series to address this.

One such model within this range is the DC25, which is what we will be looking at today. Not only is great for those with pets, but anyone who wants a high-quality vacuum that will last years needs to give it a serious look.

We have seen 100s of positive reviews for this product.  You can buy this with Confidence!

DC25 Features

So what sets the D25  Animal apart from other manufacturer’s vacuums?

First of all, it uses Dysons’ “Ball-Technology” rather than the typical wheel based movement that traditional vacuums employ.

This utilizes a powerful 220-watt motor inside a unique spherical design that makes navigating through your home a breeze compared to standard wheel  based vacuums.

For those who have trouble moving around, the light weight of the Vacuum, at only just over 16 pounds, further reduces any stress needed to operate this unit.

This makes it suitable for anyone to clean without the excessive strain that some models exhibit.

The core suction process is based off Dyson’s “Root cyclone” technology. This uses centrifugal force to create one of the most powerful forces for pulling up dirt and hair you’ll find on the market.

The efficiency of this unit to perform a thorough clean is further enhanced with its motorized brushbar that features strong bristles to remove stubborn dirt and of course pet hair.

The DC25 Animal had users that suffer from allergies in mind when they designed a HEPA filter into the unit to trap allergens and other potentially harmful bacteria drawn in by the powerful cyclone system.

Amazingly, the air coming out of this Dyson is up to 150 times cleaner than the normal air you breathe.

This means no sneezing and coughing after using your vacuum cleaner, which is a common problem in other brands.

In fact, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has endorsed the DC25 Animal based of its excellent performance in this area.

For those hard to reach areas, the DC25 comes with a telescoping wand that extends outwards of 16 feet. This is perfect for stairs, drapes, and even upholstery.

User response for the DC25 is overwhelmingly positive, achieving high marks for its overall quality and results.

One of the most common remarks is how much pet hair it removes. Many people are amazed at just how much hair is hidden in their carpet until they use the DC25 to remove it.

Cons of the DC25 Animal

Are there any downsides to the DC25? While it’s a great unit, there are a few small issues you might want to be aware of.

For one thing, there is no retractable cord. This means it will take a little bit of extra time to get the unit ready for storage after use.

Secondly, you need to be careful with the retractable wand. The 16 foot extension it pro vides is very helpful, but fully retracted the unit can end up being less than stable.

Just make sure the base of the unit is on sturdy ground and be careful when using the wand at this length.

So How Much Does it Cost?

You usually get what you pay for. Cheaper vacuums not only leave pet hair and other dirt to remain in your carpet, but they don’t last as long as something well-made like the Animal DC25.

One aspect that adds to the value of the DC25 is Dyson’s generous 5 year warranty, a good few years longer than most of the competition.

So, while the cost might be more up-front, you end up saving by not having to replace the unit a few months later like the less expensive vacuums.

Get it right the first time and purchase the DC25, you’ll be glad you did.

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