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Bissell CleanView With OnePass 9595 Review

Bissell CleanView With OnePass 9595 Review

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, it can often be difficult to choose between quality and affordability. Bissell is the number one company heading up floor care system sales in North America, holding a giant 20% market share. They’re no strangers to producing quality products. At under $100, the Bissell CleanView with OnePass tries to provide the best of both worlds.

The Bissell CleanView with OnePass 9595 is an affordable and light weight vaccuum cleaner designed for people who desire economical quality solutions for their vacuuming needs. It has been designed with innovative “OnePass” technology designed to provide superior suction and a clever brush design that cleans more deeply on the initial pass. It also holds dust and dirt in an easily accessible tank that can hold up to 1.7 liters, includes multi-level filtration, and a washable foam tank filter. Like other vacuums from Bissell, it also contains a HEPA media filter which can be helpful with allergies and dust sensistivities.

The package includes not only the vacuum cleaner, but a turbobrush tool designed for cleaning soft surfaces such as stairs, furniture, and upholstery, a crevice tool for difficult corners, an extension wand, a 25 foot cord wrap for long-distance vacuum excursions, and a 6-foor expandable hose for when you need that extra flexibility.

Bissell’s stickers utilized on this vacuum cleaner leave glue residue which is difficult to remove. This can be an issue if you prefer your vacuum cleaner to be stickerless.

While the vacuum cleaner possesses a HEPA filter, the vacuum is not a sealed HEPA cycle. This means that dust and allergens can still escape the filter through gaps in the vacuum cleaner itself. If allergens are a major issue, an upgrade to a more expensive vacuum cleaner may be recommended.

The power-off button is on the side of the vacuum cleaner rather than at the bottom like with some other vacuums, meaning that you can’t just turn it off with your foot but have to actually bend down to do so.


This machine has powerful suction and has no trouble getting deeply ingrained dirt. This works great on both carpet and hardwood floors. Due to its “OnePass” technology, it picks up more dirt and dust in a single pass than comparable vacuum cleaners. In addition, this affordable little machine works hard at taking care of both animal dander and human hairs, making it an ideal choice for pet owners. While it is not as silent as some other vacuum cleaners on the market, the Bissell CleanView does have a reputation for being very quiet to other comparatively priced models.

The CleanView comes with a decent array of accessories and attachments that allow vacuuming on different surfaces and locations. All of the accessories dock on the vacuum, so you have everything in easy reach for when you need it. Never lose your vacuum cleaner heads again as they easily attach to the six foot extendable hose.

At 15 pounds, this cleaner is lightweight enough to carry around the house or even up or down staircases. It is small enough that it doesn’t take too much storage space in your closet.

The Bissell CleanView with OnePass 9595 is a very inexpensive quality vacuum cleaner boasting features that rival many of those of its price class. With its intense suction and extensive choice of functional accessories, this vacuum cleaner comes greatly recommended for anyone looking for an affordable alternative to some of the more expensive vacuum cleaners on the market.

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