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We are a Vacuum Cleaner commentary site. You can trust our excellent reviews, news, and reporting on all things vacuum. Before you take a look around, let us introduce you to things you can expect to see. Our reviews go in depth on a specific vacuum cleaner, listing its specifications, measurements, and features of note.

Unlike many vacuum cleaner review sites, we offer analysis on the aesthetic features (like noise for example – the loudness doesn’t affect the effectiveness of the vacuum, but it’s worth knowing regardless). We also offer analysis on the efficiency of the cleaning features.

Sometimes, we may have something to say about vacuum cleaner related news. The industry is constantly evolving, and if there’s something our awesome readers should know about, you can be sure we’ll get that information to you. The information we provide is top of the line, and it’s only fair that you know how to make the best of our reviews.

We at Vacuum Bridge want all our readers to know the basics of choosing the right vacuum cleaner. Being able to pick the vacuum cleaner best for the user comes down to knowing the difference between the two types. There are upright vacuum cleaners, which are the big traditional ones with the handle. There are also cylinder cleaners, which are lighter and easier to use on harder to reach crevices.

Both cleaners have their perks and disadvantages. There wouldn’t be a massive number of models and designs to choose from if they didn’t have their little quirks, and the best to help whittle down the options is to work from largest detail to small. For example, you want to cover much more general details like if you’re comfortable using a traditional cleaner, or the sensitivity of the carpets you’re cleaning.

After covering general details, then you can consider things like the efficiency of the power usage, or the accessibility the cleaner has. Afterwards, you may want to consider awesome, but not required features such as bag-free cleaning, high-grade filters, and special cleaning capabilities.

Vacuum Bridge’s mission is to keep our readers informed on the latest and greatest vacuum cleaning technology. We carry this out by posting in-depth reviews of the best Vacuum cleaners, pool vacuum heads, accessories and in conjunction with our educated analysis our readers are taught everything they would want to know and some.

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